Quality Queen

Quality Queen markets the product of her partner growers and the product of her own nurseries. The current assortment consists mainly of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines from both conventional and organic cultivation

Who is Quality Queen?

Quality Queen is a specialist in serving Retail & Foodservice companies. Our quality systems are at the highest achievable level and with our packaging facilities we can realize any desired packaging. As a chain partner, Quality Queen is mainly active in England, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia & America. There is a unique approach for every customer and breeder. The customer demand: variety selection, volume and period in combination with the right price will be converted into the desired cultivation in close cooperation with our growers.


Total chain thinking. Excellent cooperation between seed-companies, growers, commercial and retail. We don’t force your supply chain, we strengthen it!

Our Proud Growers

Our growers contribute a great share and are very committed to the fulfilment of our customers wishes. Choices regarding varieties are made each year in cooperation with our customers and our growers.


Positioning Quality Queen as a solid brand in cooperation with her supply chain partners.

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Quality Queen is a young, dynamic and eager team, which is ready for the future!






Our beautiful products


For more information please contact:

Quality Queen Sales B.V.
Honderdland 250
2676 LV Maasdijk
The Netherlands
0174 - 51 90 10
General: info@qualityqueen.nl
Quality: quality@qualityqueen.nl

Terms and conditions

Quality Queen follows the ETI code
This code can be found at: http://www.ethicaltrade.org/eti-base-code